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An Introduction to Solar Power

Global warming has literally become the hottest topic in recent years – with governments around the globe supporting both commercial and domestic installations, and offers of additional resources and funding that can make Solar Power an investment that is hard to ignore. While an investment in Solar Power will help save money on energy bills, it is also a powerful marketing tool – as customers start to perceive your company as forward-thinking, both in terms of being environmentally-friendly, and in a willingness to look at new solutions and technologies. We also offer PowerFilm Solar—solar film for charging golf carts

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AEP Solar Power

Advances in solar energy technologies have made choosing solar power an increasingly affordable proposition. Solar power makes sense both economically and for the betterment of the planet. Consumers can realize immediate savings and reduce their carbon footprint in the process The sun is a source of exhaustible energy and AEP can help you harness it with the right products at competitive prices when you need it where you need it. The decreased dependence on volatile fuel commodities, minimal operational costs and near zero emissions. For these reasons and more, many states and the country as a whole have set targets for renewable generation share. The California Governor recently announced his states intention to reach 50% renewable power generation by 2050.

AEP has Tier 1 manufacturers that are bankable and with those have the best warranties in the industry. Each of our manufacturers have been carefully selected based on their reliability and performance to give our customers a solid solution to all their Solar panel, inverter, racking, mounting and monitoring needs.

Create energy independence for your customers, enhance sustainability, reduce pollution, and keep fossil fuel prices lower than otherwise. Go Solar.

Some of the equipment we supply:

  • Boviet Solar – leading solar cell and module production lines and inspection facilities from Germany and Spain. products include monocrystalline and polycrystalline series modules
  • Hanwha Q CELLS – Tier One pv panel
  • Helio – PV Panels, Concentrators and Trackers
  • Grundfos – Solar pumps PV Panels
  • Sonali Solar – PV panels, expertise in the PV module manufacturing arena
  • Solartec-PV panels
  • CyboSoft – Inverters Solar Attic fans
  • SunRise Solar – Solar attic fans
  • APS America – Micro solar inverters
  • HiQ – 3-phase solar inverters
  • Quickscrew – Screw fasteners
  • Hanawha Q Cells – Tier One pv panel
  • Solar Log-Innovative monitoring technologies for greater security and performance for solar plants
  • Suniva -PV solar panels
  • Sunpreme – high quality lighting fixtures
  • Amerisolar -PV solar panels
  • Ironridge -solar racking for pv panels
Tabuchi Electric
Solar Log

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